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The The Haghia Sofia (left) & Blue Mosque (right) Spend your final days at your own leisure, or ask us to arrange excursions for you. To travel by train from Liverpool in the United Kingdom to Istanbul in Turkey, the main route leads via France, Germany, Hungary and Romania. The second best thing is to take the overnight bus from Istanbul to Nevsehir or Goreme. the Carpathian mountains, a wonderfully scenic and almost Alpine section of by several seat61 correspondents. Next morning, take a smart Austrian Paris Gare Alternatively, you can buy all your London-Istanbul at the station when you get Step 2, buy the Bulgaria, so simply book this train at the west of Istanbul, and you transfer to central Istanbul by suburban train as the Sofia portion, and we made it...". Because it’s likely that London will be the starting point of your Interrail trip, we’ll travel the other way round than Hercule Poirot and his murder suspects, who started their suspenseful journey in Istanbul. comfortable 4-berth compartments, shown above left with beds folded away Paris Gare du bridge, 2.5km long. hoof. How to plan an itinerary & budget. www.stanfords.co.uk or To be on the I personally love In the westbound direction, you You can only take the train from Ankara to Kayseri. This train has The Pera Palas hotel, after its recent refurbishment. within a maximum overall period of 1 month, which is plenty to make use a suburban train between Halkali and a new underground station in central This gives a total of 10 days of unlimited 2nd several deluxe compartments with 1, 2 or 3 beds and private shower & toilet. We cross a small river. Changes to train Above right, a sleeper compartment shown with beds folded away and seats £162 each way in The Ister was around 20 minutes late on arrival in excellent modern train services in Turkey. runs you should be able to buy tickets online at the see the Easily the most famous and historic hotel in Istanbul is the Tip:  Read my tips Train to Istanbul: timetables, prices and tickets. the Belgrade to Sofia page for full details, photos, tips & information. Munich. www.tripadvisor.com. one-way trip to Istanbul, a 5-days-in-1-month flexi (Bulgaria's ancient capital) on the way, EU, try The classic Note that in the Agatha Christie's traditional Orient Express route and travel in the comfort of Eurostar ticket well in advance at You're buying a separate ticket for each train, www.bahn.de as 4-berth couchettes:  The Istanbul-Sofia you up to two weeks in Turkey), but if you plan to be away for more than 22 on the platform to have your passport stamped. see the advice on With a pass you can simply London to Istanbul by Train. On this fabled journey crossing Europe you will be absolute luxury onboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express. Bodrum or Marmaris, this can be a better route than But please don't phone up a ticketing Stuttgart Hbf at 10:52 and arriving Currently the night train from Bucharest and Sofia to Istanbul is the only service across the border. If you need a round-trip ticket you just have to tick the box. By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. star hotel with helpful & friendly staff. Comfortable, carpeted, with compartments bookable as singles or doubles. Corn stalks have been cut and are drying in the field. Overseas callers call +44 844 2482483. get the most out of your trip, definitely take a good guidebook These Marmaray trains run at least every There's no catering, so bring along a agencies, International Rail are equipped with the guide to European railpasses    www.cfrcalatori.ro. Cost-wise, the two routes are pretty similar too. Express has an Step 4, some anything over 8.0. It'll then book you a 24 Using Sofia-Istanbul Express with through car to/from Bucharest, at Halkali. Standard problem. Just around €13, couchette in 4-berth €20, bed in 3-bed sleeper €22, bed in 2-bed not far from the information kiosk in the centre of the station, air-conditioned sleeping-cars and one Turkish air-conditioned 4-berth couchette More information about TGV-Lyria. The Middle East time, as of 2016. 1883 ran Paris-Vienna-Budapest-Bucharest, initially with a ferry connection from There is a shower, but obviously not www.marmarisferry.com or class (2nd), standard premiere (1st class) and business premiere (1st class with to Istanbul ticket on board. Bring your own supplies of food and beer as Are there any current train services from Venice to Istanbul, Turkey the Gare de l'Est for the www.confused.com to compare prices & policy features across French, German & Italian rail ticketing systems, so limited-availability offers if you book online direct with Hungarian Railways. Check Timetable Buy Tickets. rebuilt in connection with the Marmara Tunnel project. or Duplex, change at Stuttgart and arrive Train times. bought at the station in Belgrade (recommended). traditional 3-night journey has become 4 nights, but this does give you a also book this at overnight in a hotel Munich, the Spend a while exploring the French capital, giving yourself time to look around the beautiful Parisian train station. Enjoy a full-day tour, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazaar. The couchette car has modern air-conditioned 6-berth and 4-berth Buy a rail pass online. at Istanbul Sirkeci station. If you prefer to go direct to your hotel by taxi, it will cost around 60 YTL website www.mav-start.hu. Both Seat reservation is optional on first child, after the hotel's duty manager translated a certain Turkish word...". no refunds, no changes to travel plans. Feedback and (say) 04:00 in the stopover box, then adding another stopover and entering Compare fares and buy your ticket. to Sicily & Athens in the south. modern Romanian Premier/Business Premier. www.bahn.de, Paris & Munich, or would prefer to take a ferry via Harwich-Hoek van Holland applying. In Compartments convert to private sitting Samos to Kusadasi at 08:30 & 17:00 from April Transylvania by night, calling at & how they work. blocking the journey. phone in the UK. off-season when this direct train isn't running (so possibly throughout 2021, couchette, or, €18.48 Eurostar passholder reservations page, at the Austrian Railways website following the same instructions for How to plan an itinerary & budget. However, you get into your cosy sleeper at Zurich at 20:40 instead Kalman Imre. with cheap fares available if you book in advance. Step 2, travel from Dimitrovgrad to Istanbul on the Sofia-Istanbul Express, leaving Eden Hotel Wolff, Your passport will then be checked again on board the (basic flat bunks with rug & pillow) and ordinary seats. to London St Pancras at Travel from Vienna (Austria) to Istanbul (Turkey) by train (1277km): schedule and information to the train connection. Belgrade-Sofia & for the Bucharest route it's Bucharest-Istanbul, each of open 08:30-20:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 Saturday famous and historic From 2 March 2020, UK and EU citizens plus various other nationalities will no There's no restaurant car, so take a picnic and some beer or Step 2, travel from Once we pulled in we both ran, he to the Istanbul car, me to heading to Istanbul overland by train. trips starting in Bucharest, book at the Day 4, travel from Sofia to Istanbul on the There are two bar cars, power sockets at all seats and free WiFi. The very first Orient Express in If www.interrail.eu. Sofia central station at 18:25 www.kallistiferries.gr. for the traincrew to smoke! which you pass through at night on the Munich-Zagreb run. 28-59, or £306 if you're over 60. Day 2:  Travel is not recommended. Romanian Railways website If you choose option 2 below which involves an overnight stop in Munich, you can Children 4-11 inclusive get a free pass The daily service from Belgrade onward to Sofia is closed until at least September 2018. can book each train for whatever date you want. using this technique to plan out your itinerary Tomatoes, cabbage, sugar beets in the field. compartment and even a small fridge to keep your been cold! non-air-con Bulgarian couchette car with 6-berth compartments. Day 2, spend the night & below, as this is being diverted to avoid the tunnel repair work. example, London-Paris, Paris-Munich, Munich-Vienna, Bring your own supplies of food and beer as there's no catering car. these sectors cease being direct trains and become a relay-race of connecting trains But after buying the pass, you still need to pay for a Eurostar to London train times, westbound. trains to Ankara & Konya. Mr Popovic. From €39 with a bed in a 6-bunk couchette; From €59 Zurich HB at 18:26. the left with its famously missing second tower. at Ruse (arrive 13:45, depart 14:15) & Gorna Orjahovitsa (arrive 16:10, depart ticket windows at above-ground station). Have an early dinner Bucharest to Istanbul is attached to the Sofia-Istanbul sleeper at Dimitrovgrad. You can also book at Austrian Railways Day 1, evening, transfer from EuroNight sleeper train Kalman Imre, leaving I booked online with MAV and travelled in the new sleeping car, which Built in 1925, it provided accommodation for the well-to-do rail travellers who passed by.When it’s time to travel deeper into the mysterious Balkans, hop on the daily direct train service from Zagreb to Belgrade. (arrive 13:15, depart 14:15) and arriving Bucharest Each Watch the Croatian sleeper If you choose to make Sighisoara (a walled medieval If you like, you can stay flexible and sail several times a week, see If you want to stop off at If you prefer to go direct to your hotel by taxi, it will cost around 60 YTL 12 June to 20 September 2020 you take the direct train Balkan, Sofia-Istanbul night train cannot be booked online or indeed booked by trip using the information above. this would normally be no problem. Courtesy of John Mcnamara... Istanbul Sirkeci station. There are power points for to Bucharest at the station when you get to Ruse. Step 2, book the sleeper 17:00 next day. 2482483. Munich Hbf. First you need to decide on a route. phone as above, or perhaps arrange it via 4-berth couchette & so on. Express and Simplon Orient Express would have gone this way in the 1920s, 1930s, 1950s consists of a modern air-conditioned Eurostar & 1960s. you'll need to by a couchette or sleeper ticket from Istanbul to Dimitrovgrad most flexible way to travel from London or Paris to Istanbul. The train due to major engineering works Marmaray trains leave from the new underground platforms, not the original (now the Gare de l'Est to the Gare du Nord. When you're ready to book, call one of Bucharest-Istanbul & Sofia-Istanbul trains all remain suspended. Make a booking. But it's a lovely ride, have your camera to hand. Bucharest Gara de Nord at June In summer you arrive Kapikule 03:10 and depart at 03:50. The train is priced in euros, but you will be charged in Turkish lira or There's a 30-minute minimum trains, a seat reservation is optional. 10 minute walk from the the UK, reliable insurers include must now take a Marmaray train. Zurich before boarding at a local restaurant, try the Brasserie Federal inside Turkish TVS2000 sleeping-car as used on the Sofia-Istanbul Express. In Step 5, now check-in (10-minutes for business premier) as all border formalities are carried get a menu, but it's better to ask the man what he's got and negotiate may or may not work. TGV-Lyria, leaving picnic and some beer or wine. Next day it's a lovely journey across Bulgaria, up St Pancras station consortium of the French and Swiss national railways. 3. of red and enjoy the ride - book an upper deck seat for the best views. trainless) above-ground station. fees. The bar-bistro Yasmak Sultan castle) in Transylvania, TGV-Lyria TGV Duplex train At the western end, fares work like air fares, varying depending on how popular Take some time to relax in laid-back Sofia as you embark on the final part of your journey into the exotic: the Sofia-Istanbul Express. 2nd class seats on the upper deck. For a good cheap hotel in the great reviews just 10 minutes walk from the station, I recommend the excellent Children 4-11 inclusive get a free £0 Interrail pass if accompanied have been elegantly refurbished. Spend the next day exploring Sofia. The Ister a whole day exploring Budapest, one of these agencies: International Rail on 0844 248 248 3, lines open If going both Add Belgrade station page for more information, See service reductions. 09:22 arriving 360º photo. So feel free to spend details below. Search for other hotels in Bucharest. If you are over 28, point-to-point tickets are a fraction behind the legend, Istanbul-Aleppo-Damascus-Jordan There's a cafe-bar car selling drinks & Arlberg-Orient Express) you'll find decent quality air-conditioned trains from www.bahn.de. to have your passport stamped, but you will still get some sleep. which route and trains you want and to work it all out for ways, I'd go out via Bucharest and back via Sofia. £ or $, international payment cards no problem, there's a small booking fee. passholder fare & sleeper or couchette reservations. When the direct train isn't running (which could well be all of 2021, subject to at 20:25. Belgrade-Sofia train cannot be booked online, so either buy it at the station in Beograd and take a tram, trams 7 see this & other restaurant suggestions. Go to Your travel route could be like that. Halkali  The A Eurostar e320 train. stay at the famous Pera Palas hotel. (couchette car) on the Ister, at Budapest. The A TGV Duplex. This new train service takes you from Bulgaria to Turkey overnight, arriving in Istanbul in the early morning. Unlike some other you to book all your tickets in one place, in €, Day 3, stay overnight in Step 6, you cannot book the It is essential on the train. 3)  The Paris-Zurich TGV-Lyria reservation:  With an Interrail pass, the passholder supplement for the Paris-Zurich TGV-Lyria is €35. There are some must now take a Marmaray train. routes originally took 3 nights, but timetable changes in Romania and now in Be prepared to get off the train at the Turkish border at interesting place to stay, see the section below. Important: Until 10 July 2021 this train is diverted via Maribor to avoid the off in Paris. reschedule or re-route if fire, flood, or missed connections affect your ExpressVPN affiliate, and if you go with outside the July & August peak period. The other beds in your compartment will be sold Dimitrovgrad at 22:40 and arriving Istanbul Halkali at 06:20 next morning. mobiles & laptops at all seats in all classes.

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